When you meet Binh Tran, you will find him warm, friendly, and continuously in awe of his surroundings. He has lived in Chicago for more than 40 years and still finds the city stunning and beautiful. He truly loves the architecture of Chicago’s buildings. But Binh’s favorite things about Chicago center around its people – the culture, the neighborhoods, and the down-to-earth attitudes. Binh enjoys getting to know new people, interacting with them, and learning about what’s important to them.

Binh comes into real estate with a diverse background. He has been a stockbroker, a cosmetologist, and a business owner. His most recent venture before jumping into the real estate industry was as an ethnic grocery store owner. During the 13 years Binh owned the grocery, he learned a great deal about taking care of people and what it means to provide a great customer experience.

What drew Binh to real estate was his top-producing real estate broker wife. Binh believes that together he and his wife will make an even stronger team. With her real estate experience and his connections to the communities he has served, the team will expand their reach and increase their ability to help more people with their real estate transactions. Binh knows the neighborhoods better than most and will provide that extra touch that instantly builds trust with the people he meets.

For Binh, real estate is similar to what he is already comfortable doing – running his own business. He knows the value of hard work and dedication. He strongly believes that the more effort you put into your business, the better results you will see. Binh proves that hard work pays off through his constant passion for whatever path he pursues. His greatest achievement, thus far, is the level of success he has reached in every industry he has taken on. For Binh, the best advice he ever received was, “Never give up.” Binh is not the type to ever stop working towards the aspirations of his clients. He will get the job done.

Binh enjoys helping people from all walks of life through real estate transactions. Whether buying or selling, Binh will take the time to understand your needs and help you narrow down what’s most important. He will focus on education and guidance and help alleviate any additional stress. You can count on Binh’s expert business sense to negotiate your transaction to ensure your experience is beyond your expectations.

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